Japanese smart RF manufacturer,STACK ELECTRONICS,just has opened up a store on the Web.
We provide the products which are related with High frequency & Optical technologies.
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mini-clip (10 piece(s)/pack) PF253 BLACK


Suitable mini-clips for testing PCB, because Mini-clips can catch IC lead which lead-pich 2.54mm.

Terminator for BNC-P type, 50 ohm [RoHS] T1301


The terminator of BNC 50 ohm, 1/2 W with BNC plug type.

nano-clip (12 piece(s)/pack) PF248


Suitable nano-clips for testing PCB, because Nano-clips can catch IC lead which lead-pich 0.3mm.

TNC type of 1dB fixed attenuator [RoHS] A43001


TNC type of (plug - jack), 1W fixed attenuator.
Line-up : 1 dB to 10 dB (1dB steps), 20dB

SMA type of 1dB fixed attenuator [RoHS] A912401


SMA type (plug - jack), 1W fixed attenuator lineup : 1 dB to 10 dB (1dB steps), 20 dB

N type of 1dB fixed attenuator [RoHS] A23001


N type (plug - jack), 1W fixed attenuator
lineup : 1dB to 10dB(1dB steps), 20dB, 30dB

Insulationg probe (heat-proof : +85 degree C) 10:1, 1.5m [RoHS] IP072


Our insulated probes have an excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and robustness backed by the long history & experience as OEM manufacturer of passive probes for oscilloscope.

BNC(P)-BNC75(J) type impedance matching pad [RoHS] PD022


BNC(P)-BNC75(J) (50 ohm/75 ohm) impedance matching pad. Low-loss type, micro-strip-line can be used for wide range 0.01 to 1.0GHz.

BNC type of 1dB fixed attenuator [RoHS] A13001


BNC type (plug - jack) of 1W fixed attenuator.
Line up :from 1dB to 10dB (1dB steps), 20dB, 30dB

Product Lineup

Stack Electronics provides the products based on the our core technology related radio frequency and optical transmission technologies.

Coaxial Connector,Cable Assemblies,Coaxial Measurement Accessories,Coaxial Components

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Application Examples

Our products are widely used in infrastructure projects such as disaster prevention broadcasting, broadcasting for public transportation, and re-transmission underground shopping center.

Broadcasting,Public transportation,Disaster communication

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